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    Eğirdir Lake

    Eğirdir Lake (Eğirdir Gölü), with its unparalleled sunsets, is the fourth largest lake in Türkiye. It is notable for appearing to be different colours at different times of the day and is surrounded by apple and peach orchards. As well, it is famous for its clear water and beaches. Can Island and Yeşil Island, which extend into Eğirdir Lake, and Altınkum Beach and Bedre Bay are all worth seeing.

    Gölcük Lake Nature Park

    Located 12 km from Isparta, Gölcük Lake Nature Park (Gölcük Gölü Tabiat Parkı) features one of the rare crater lakes in Türkiye. The natural beauty of the lake and its environs make it ideal for photography, hiking and mountain biking.

    Yazılı Canyon Nature Park

    The nature park, 10 km from the Sütçüler district, has an extensive infrastructure in terms of daily sports activities as well as historical features. It is known that Saint Paul passed through this canyon on his way to Pisidia Antiokheia from Perge. The canyon, where the historical “King’s Road” passes through, is of historical importance with its temple and rock inscriptions. It is possible to see the lines of Epictetus’s “A Poem on Free Man”, translated into Turkish and English, in the canyon, which takes its name from the damaged inscription on the right side of the second bridge. Yazılı Canyon Nature Park (Yazılı Kanyon Tabiat Parkı) features wild animals and a wide variety of tree and plant species as well as areas reserved for hiking routes and rock climbing.

    Aksu Zindan Cave

    Located 2 km northeast of the Aksu district, Zindan Cave (Zindan Mağarası) is located on the south-facing slope of the Aksu Stream strait at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level. The inside of the 765-meter-long cave is completely illuminated. It is extremely easy and comfortable to walk and wander inside the cave, which developed in a horizontal direction. The semi-active cave has stalactites, axles, curb stones and corrosion, formed by the underground stream. In addition, miniature canyons were formed in some parts of the cave. At the end of the cave is a section called the bath, which features unique mosaic-shaped calcite crystals on the ground.

    Kovada Lake National Park

    Kovada Lake National Park (Kovada Gölü Milli Parkı), located 29 km south of the Eğirdir district, offers a diversity of plants and animals, as well as areas suitable for hiking, viewing, bird-watching and climbing. In addition to the unique richness of flora and fauna, there are also opportunities for outdoor recreation and entertainment activities.

    The St. Paul Trail

    Approximately 500 kilometres long, this track was allegedly walked by St. Paul on his way to Isparta. He came to Antiokheia three times to spread the word about Christianity.  Four hundred kilometres of the track are located within the borders of Isparta. The road starts from Perge, in Antalya, extends into the borders of Isparta and ends in the Yalvaç district of Isparta.

    Pinargözü Cave

    Set in in Çaydere Forests, Pınargözü Cave (Pınargözü Mağarası) is 8 km from the Yenişarbademli district. A cave with strong water flowing through it, Pınargözü features many culverts, ponds, waterfalls, stalactite pools and all kinds of stalactite accumulations.  A 16-kilometre section of the cave was studied until 1995, but the end of the cave has not yet been reached. The last point defined is 660 metres above the entrance. Pınargözü Cave is the largest and longest cave in Türkiye; it is also notable for the 213 species of flora detected around it.

    Historical Plane Tree

    Set in the Yalvaç district centre, this monumental plane tree (çınar ağacı) is believed to have been planted in the 1200s. It is six meters high and 3.26 meters in diameter; its turn circumference is 10.25 meters, and the length of its branches range between 7.50 and 15.80 meters. Known as Çınaraltı in the city, it is a prominent spot where the local people of Yalvaç meet, sit and chat.

    Melikler Plateau

    Melikler Plateau (Melikler Yaylası) is located within the borders of Yenişarbademli district, on the slopes of Dedegöl Mountain. It is 15 km from the Yenişarbademli district.

    Camping is possible in the area. A fountain in the plateau area provides drinking water.