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    The Rose of Isparta

    Produced in Isparta for over a hundred years, Isparta roses provide 60 percent of the world’s rose oil. Güneykent Town in the Gönen district, Senir Town in the Keçiborlu district, and Kılıç, Ardıçlı, Gülköy and the surrounding villages and Sorkuncak Village of the Eğirdir district are among the areas with significant rose cultivation. Visitors can collect roses on the rosebushes, observe both traditional and modern rose oil extraction processes on site and purchase cosmetics and food products made from roses.


    Lavender, grown in Kuyucak Village of the Keçiborlu district, has started to make its name in the recent years. The oil produced from lavender is generally used in the cosmetics industry. Other lavender products include lavender water, lavender tea, lavender honey, lavender soap, and dried lavender. The gardens look as if they are painted purple during the blooming season that begins in mid-June and lasts until mid-July. These colourful blooms attract the attention of photographers from both Türkiye and abroad. The harvest, which starts in mid-August, is also worth observing.

    Kızıldağ National Park

    Located 5 km south of the Şarkikaraağaç district at an altitude of 1,840 meters, the national park is covered with blue cedar forests. Beyşehir Lake lies to the south of the park. Its fresh, oxygen-rich air makes the park a preferred place for people with respiratory disorders.