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    Dedegöl Mountaineering and Climbing Festival and the Sky Observation Festival

    Set between the Yenişarbademli and Aksu districts, Dedegöl Mountain lies at an altitude of 2,998 meters. The area is excellent for mountain hiking, camping, and climbing. Melikler Plateau is preferred by many mountaineers as a camp site. Climbers who participate in the annual Dedegöl Mountaineering and Climbing Festival (Dedegöl Tırmanış ve Dağcılık Şenliği), held at the end of May, set up camps on the plateau. Another national festival hosted on the plateau is the Sky Observation Festival. Melikler Plateau, with the least light pollution in Türkiye, is well-suited for space observation.

    Just set up your tent, wait until evening and listen to nature. Silence is sometimes the most beautiful music.